Kavlico Pressure, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), pioneered the electronic pressure sensor and transducer market. Focused on premium quality products, and adapting innovative pressure sensing technologies to meet customer needs, Kavlico Pressure continues to be a leader in creating pressure sensing solutions for a cleaner, safer, more comfortable world.

Pressure Products

Kavlico Pressure is a leading manufacturer of a full range of pressure sensors, transducers and transmitters with four innovative sensing technologies: Thin Film, Ceramic Capacitive, Piezo-Resistive and Silicon Capacitive. The pressure range applications can be from .005 Bar (2" of H2O) to 3000 Bar (45,000 psi).

Pressure Markets

Kavlico Pressure designs, develops, and manufactures innovative sensors and transducers for theTransportation, Industrial OEM, Building Equipment, Commercial OEM,Energy & Infrastructure, Food &Beverages, Medicalas well as Aerospace & Defense markets.


Further information about Kavlico is available at: http://kavlico.com

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