Samtec Inc. is a worldwide manufacturer of P.C Boards level interconnects


Active Optical Interconnects are available for both internal and external applications where distance or high data rates exceed the capabilities of copper interconnect.

Our external active optical cables assemblies are plug-compatible, direct replacement for passive or active copper cables. They feature much longer reach, smaller cable diameter (3mm), tighter bend radiuses, and are much lighter weight than their copper counter parts.

On-board optical engines provide the ability to move the electrical to optical conversion "inside the box" and very close to the signal source allowing very high date rates. These optical signals can then be run from board to board, or to the panel.

In addition, the cable power consumption (600mW typ. per end) is lower than comparable active optical or active copper cables. We offer optical cabling solutions for 40 Gigabit Ethernet, QDR and FDR Infiniband, and PCIe.

Active optical interconnects are available as stand-alone products or as a part of an advanced high speed end-to-end assembly spanning IC package, substrate, connector, cable and I/O design, development, testing, and implementation.


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