Finecables is a manufacturer of world class, high quality industrial connectors and is also a customized solution provider. Their diversified production of cable assemblies and connectivity products covers not only industrial connectors, but also a large range of electronic interconnection and data networking.

Finecables exports harnesses and connector assemblies to worldwide manufacturers of a variety of electrical devices and industrial equipment. As a professional wire harness and Industrial connector manufacturer, their products and services cover a wide scopeincluding wire harnesses and cable assemblies with crimping, soldering, wiring, molding and assembling of:

- M5/M8/M10/M12/M16/M23/ 7/8" Circular Sensor/Actuator Connectors

- DIN Rectangular Valve Connectors

- Industrial Ethernet Connectors

- Thermal Sensor Assemblies

They also offer complete solution services including related technical parts sourcing and assembling service, customer designing assistance, customized products testing assistance, packing and logistic support, among others.


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