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Coto Technology's reed relay manufacturing facilitylocated in Mexicali, Mexico. Coto's switch factory is located in Heerlen, The Netherlands. Coto Corporation, dba Coto Technology, originated in Providence, Rhode Island, USA in 1917as Coto Coil Incorporated - a company specializing in the design and manufacture of coil windings. During the mid-1960's, Coto expanded its product line by introducing the reed relay - theresult of integrating reed switches into coil windings. By 1970, Coto emerged as a leading manufacturer of reed relays with the development of the first patented Low-Thermal EMF reed relay.

Today, Coto is a worldwide market leader of small signal switching products sold into the Automatic Test Equipment, Data Acquisition, Instrumentation, Process Control, Telecommunications, Medical and Security markets. Coto specializes in the manufacture of custom relays. Non-standard package sizes and pinouts, custom coil and shielding designs, and multi-pole configurations are commonvariables. Coto relays are capable of carrying up to six amps, and can provide switching currents up to four amps along with 10-15 KV switching


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